Sunday, 15 November 2009

Progress to date

My minor project is coming to an end, we only have 2 and half weeks left. The whole year group has been given an extension due to problems with the emulsion used for coating the screens.

I have finally dyed my fabrics today with lovely coloured hands to prove it!

I will be going into uni tomorrow to expose my already coated screen and will be spending all day printing - I actually hate printing but it must be done, I always feel it is such an experimental process and there is so many factors that can go wrong, which it tends to with me. Anyway I'm hoping I will get enough printing done not to have to go back into the print rooms before the end of the deadline. I am using the printing process as a indication to my designs rather than having the printing as the main focus. All of my designs will be heavily embroidered. I will try to take some pics of me printing tomorrow and post them later in the week.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Bracelets Galour

Yesterday in our Professional Studies lecture we were asked to think of a product and packaging that we would be able to sell at the Knitting and Stitching Show at the back end of this month. So I got thinking and came up with the idea of making bracelets with the beading technique we had been shown recently in a workshop with Tracy Franklin.

So I set to work last night and have managed to almost finish two of the bracelets. I am pleased with how they have turned out and plan to make a few more.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

time passes too quickly

I swear someone is tinkering with the time - it seems to be going by far too quickly. Since last week I have been trying to work on my development. So far I have managed to sort out 2 multi-directional repeats and get the 2 koda traces done for each of these. Although there is still no photo sensitive paint in the building to coat my screen with, therefore I cannot print as yet!!! I have also started doing small amounts of sampling with stitching and beading.

Last week I was able to attend two mini embroidery courses at uni. I found these really enjoyable but am unsure as to how I am going to translate any of the techniques into my project. Having misplaced my camera's memory card I am unable to show you what I have done so far, but once found I will show you how it is going.

Just over 3 weeks to the deadline - yikes!