Sunday, 14 February 2010

still drawing

I had planned to do more drawing today but got sidetracked as ever with housework, cooking and baking. As tomorrow will be my last day for drawing and coupled with the fact I only have 7 sheets so far, I really need to pull my finger out as the saying goes.
I am aiming for this whole project to be more organised than any of my previous ones and I therefore decided to log onto and upload my photos to create a photo book. I should get it by next week so I hope it turns out as well as I am expecting it to.

I definitely need to start on the development side this week and I already have a few ideas floating round me my head. I would also like to get some fabrics dyed this week too. I already have one of my fabrics sorted which is a cotton lorn that I bought metres and metres of in the summer. As I am wanting to use light-weight and heavy-weight fabrics together I am going to buy some heavy-weight linen and light/heavy-weight wools to try out together with the cotton lorn.
One of the lecturers at college on Friday told me to have a look at a book called All Wrapped Up, it contains pictures of gift wrap from the 1960's. After I had looked thorough it I went straight onto Amazon and ordered it! It has some really lovely papers in it and you can never have too many books - can you?

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Threads for Life

Well the major project is well underway but I am still at the drawing stage. I was recently thinking of changing my whole theme as I wasn't sure I would have enough media to draw from but after speaking to one of the tutors on Friday I have decided to stick with it and take it along a different avenue.

I went to Hexham on Saturday with a friend hoping to gain some inspiration and to gather some drawing material, both of which I gained, although I spent possibly a little too much money.

So here I am on a Sunday with plans for more drawing today. I have included some pics of my mood board for this project - Threads for Life as well as a few of my drawing sheets although I still have some work to do on each of them to finish them off.