Friday, 30 October 2009


I have tried so hard to get out of doing more uni work this evening, but it was fruitless! So here I am on a Friday evening doing another drawing sheet to enable me to have more imagery to work with for my development. Although I have already started the development process I did think I started to wonder today if I would have enough imagery.

I was a little disheartened this afternoon, after spending a good part of the day on doing my koda trace, I was hoping to expose my screen with said efforts. It exposed well, but when I went to use the jet wash i realised all of the emulsion came off, along with the design! Well they do say God loves a trier so I thought I would just coat another screen ready to re-expose on Monday and get cracking with some printing. One of the first years was coating her screen only for us to realise that she had used the last of the emulsion with no more supplies in the building. How does that work! Oh sorry they have some on order which will come in at SOME point next week!

So I plod on with development and drawing tonight and over the weekend.

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