Saturday, 20 March 2010

the end is in sight

It has been far too long since I posted anything. Since my last post I have been working hard on my development stage, there have been days where I have been chasing my tail but I do now feel it is all coming together. I feel I have a good range of sample designs and also have sorted out the koda traces for 6 of my 8 designs as well as 2 co-ordinates. I have another co-ordinate in my mind but it's not out onto paper as yet.

I have been dreading going into the dye lab as I never seem to get the colours I am aiming for and usually feel my time is wasted in there. Well yesterday I decided enough was enough and I had to brace my fears, get in there and get some colours mixed, otherwise I would have everything ready to print but no fabrics dyed! I took my colour palette in, like a good little student, and low and behold after only a one or two attempts I actually have the colours I was aiming for!

After dying an assortment of fabrics (cotton lorn, cotton sateen and Worsted twill) I have decided I much prefer the Worsted twill to work with. Typically I only have enough of this fabric for 3 potential designs so last night I logged onto Whaleys and ordered 6 metres of it. Hopefully it will get here VERY soon so I can get it all dyed and start printing.

I will get a few pics up here tomorrow to show you my progress. They will only be my black and white design layouts but at least you will get the idea of where I am going. Oh just in case you don't know I am aiming my collection at women's fashion wear.

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