Friday, 26 March 2010

printing progress

I was so happy when my fabric from Whaleys turned up on Tuesday. Sadly I was at work and had to wait until Wednesday morning to pick it up from the Royal Mail sorting office. I had a hurrenously busy day on Wednesday such that I did not get a chance to dye the fabric that night, but did manage to, very early on Thursday morning!

With dyed fabric in hand I went into uni on Thursday to start on my printing, of course after I mixed up my dyes to print with. As always things never seem to go to plan but with a little bit of tweeking here and there I have finally managed to get 1 sample printed and it is waiting for me to work my magic on it over the weekend with my embroidery skills.

Oh note to oneself - must be more careful when using screen with metal framing as it can turn out to be a lethal weapon!!!

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